4 May 2009

To the most popular smartphone in the USA became RIM BlackBerry Curve 8300

BlackBerry Curve 8300

BlackBerry Curve 8300

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The analytical company The NPD Group has promulgated the list of the most popular in the USA smartphones and communicators a result of the first quarter 2009.

The first place in a rating has borrowed smartphone RIM BlackBerry Curve (all models of a series 83хх). In opinion of researchers, it became possible owing to the aggressive marketing policy of the operator of cellular communication Verizon Wireless, which is engaged in distribution of the device. It is necessary to notice, that BlackBerry Curve it was possible to displace from an in the lead position Apple IPhone 3G which is a lot of months became the main hit of the American market successively. Now it takes the second place.

The third position – at communicator RIM BlackBerry Storm, the fourth – at monoblocks of family RIM BlackBerry Pearl. On last, the fifth, a place has settled down «googlephone» T-Mobile G1.

In the first quarter of current year of the company RIM it was possible to increase the share in the American market smartphones and communicators by 15 %, and now it makes about 50 %. And here shares Apple and Palm have decreased for 10 % everyone.

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