3 May 2009

Share Linux on client devices for the first time has exceeded one percent!

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Market share of operational system Linux on client devices with access to the Internet for the first time has overcome a symbolical boundary in 1 %.

According to statistics of the company Net Applications the last month various variants Linux have been established on 1,02 % of personal computers and communucators which owners worked in the Network. For comparison: year earlier this parameter was equaled 0,69 %. Thus, analysts mark, for twelve months popularity of the open program platform among end users has increased on 50 %.

Statistics Net Applications shows, that market share Linux grows due to decrease in popularity of program platforms Microsoft Windows. If in April, 2009 various versions Windows have been installed on 91,58 % of all client devices with access to the Internet the last month this parameter has decreased to 87,90 %.

For the same period a share of operational system Apple Mac OS X has increased from 7,38 % up to 9,73 %. Company Net Applications also marks, that a program platform смартфона iPhone it is now used on 0,55 % of client devices and these owners also work on the Internet.

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