3 May 2009

Hearing: Microsoft and Sony will show on E3 touch controllers!

New controllers Microsoft

New controllers Microsoft

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Up to LA exhibitions E3 2009 which will pass from June, 2 till June, 4th, even the whole month, but already now in press are actively exaggerated hearings and fictions about that will show Microsoft and Sony.
If to trust a certain source, « close to a management of the companies », it will be a question of new controllers for prefixes Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3. Not a secret, that console Wii (the company Nintendo) lags behind competitors because of the technical parameters except for one – Wii Remote has the controller of position in space. But this small at first sight advantage of controller Wii has allowed Nintendo to become king of the market of game consoles! It is informed, that Microsoft and Sony plan to show new controllers which at last will overthrow prefix Nintendo from a pedestal. On hearings, Sony has decided to not philosophize and almost has completely copied the board Wii Remote. It, as well as the Nintendo-controller, “is trained” to catch movements of a brush of a hand of the user, that, certainly, will be used in new games.

The hypothetical novelty Microsoft is more interesting. Colleagues from a resource Engadget tell, that developers have made not the controller, but the real touch gadget which will catch movements… all body of the player. For this purpose it have supplied with two gauges of movement, a microphone and a videocamera.

Let’s remind, that the last year’s exhibition opened in an atmosphere of similar hearings and fictions, but the information then was confirmed even with developers.

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