3 May 2009

New successes in Russian Nanotechnologies!

Hi-tech engineering

Hi-tech engineering

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Russian Federation (Reuters Life!) – Russian scientists are developing a cute нumanoid robot Elecktronick to help ease the anxieties of children in hospital and unsuccessful schools.

 Elecktronick the robot has a touchscreen’s skin and touch videos and audio gauges – and owing to this he can feel world around, as people! The robot also makes facial expressions intended to show how life procedures will make the child feel. “The main goal of this project is to have emotional communication with children,” said professor A. Privalov, one of the researchers from ( the Russian Universiteit Magic Mechanical Engineering Free University of NIICHAVO) design team at Elecktronick’s unveiling on Tuesday. Elecktronic it is the fine hi-tech contribution of our scientists to business of education!


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