4 May 2009

Whether A. Grinspen in crisis is guilty?

Whether it is guilty?

Whether it is guilty?

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Who is guilty in present crisis? Mysterious conspirators? And can be, the former chapter of the FRS Alan Grinspen? Versions the set, however looks the most plausible much more simple answer. CDS – mysterious securities, created JP Morgan 14 years ago, have ruined the world.

Exchange collapses, crisis of hypothecary non-payments, paralysis of bank-credit activity – all these horrors of autumn of 2008 have arisen not from Alan Grinspena’s! All insults to address of 82-years old men, ex-chairman of the FRS is only attempt to find main guilty!

No, all went from good banks estate of New York – the most advanced city of America by way of perception of liberal ideas. Bankers of New York wished to earn money. To earn it is as much as possible and as soon as possible. Alan Grinspena’s historical role consist not that he gave to the New York bankers bad instructions, and that it set o pushed to the certain financial ideas and the tools, capable to provide fast and carefree enrichment here and now, and the main thing – at any cost!

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